Gourmet every day!

Need some easy ways to elevate your everyday cooking to a gourmet level? Try these ideas for my condiments:

• Stir fry your favorite vegetables with your favorite Suan's scotch bonnet condiment
Condiment for meats, fowl, fish and vegetables
Compliments fruits of all kinds
With cream cheese on your favorite cracker
Glaze to baked ham, pork loin and fowl
Glaze for salmon, swordfish, shark or other firm fleshed fish

Suan's® Funeral Chicken and Resurrection Chicken Soup

Funeral Chicken

Using one large roasting chicken, pat dry washed chicken, salt and pepper, insert large quartered onion in cavity, mix together ¼ cup Suan's® Scotch Bonnet Pepper Jelly and ¼ cup Dijon Mustard slather outside of chicken with mixture. Bake at 350° for 45 to 60 minutes or until meat thermometer reads 165°.

Resurrection Chicken Soup

Save meaty carcass and drippings of Funeral Chicken, deglaze baking dish with a small amount of liquid. In a large pot place chicken carcass, liquid, 4 cloves of crushed garlic, add enough water to cover chicken, cover pot and simmer 1-2 hours, strain liquid and save, cool chicken and pick meat from bones and save, discard bones. Pour broth back into large stock pot add chicken, dice 6 stalks of celery with leaves and 6 – 9 carrots, onion from roasted chicken and 1 can diced stewed tomatoes. Simmer until vegetables are tender; add one package frozen noodles cook until done. You may add more vegetables as desired.