Suan’s® Jamaican Rice and Peas

This is a staple in Jamaica and most of the islands have their own take on this tasty dish. I have made a few short cuts in my preparations. Traditionally you would use fresh beans (peas), seasoned as they cooked. 

In the bottom of a large heavy sauce pan, cook 1-2 slices of bacon that have been cut into small pieces.

In-the-meantime, pour 15.5 ounce can of kidney beans in strainer over large 4 cup measuring bowl. Rinse out can with water, reserving liquid. Continue to rinse beans in strainer, saving the water until you have 4 cups.

Pour reserved water into heavy sauce pan with cooked bacon. Add 2 tablespoons coconut milk, strained beans, 3 to 4 sprigs of fresh thyme, 3 scallions finely chopped, 1 scotch bonnet pepper, 1 to 2 smashed cloves of garlic and salt to taste. Bring quickly to boil.

Add 2 cups Uncle Bens Converted rice. Stir, bring back to boil and then reduce heat to simmer. Cover tightly and simmer for 20 minutes. DO NOT LIFT LID, turn off heat, leave on cooling burner for an additional 20 minutes. Remove scotch bonnet pepper and discard, being careful not to break the pepper in the rice and peas. (I recommend not to serve or eat pepper, if more heat and flavor is desired add Suan’s® Scotch Bonnet Flavor Sauce to finished dish, toss lightly to mix thoroughly.) Fluff with fork and serve.

Tasteful tip: I always make extra, as this keeps well and can be frozen for future use. If you don't use coconut milk often, you can freeze it by storing in re-sealable bag and laying flat. This way, it is easy to break off the desired amount for future recipes.