Suan's® Chicken Salad

Grill 2 large chicken breasts; may be blackened and/or glazed with Suan’s® Scotch Bonnet Pepper Jelly before grilling, if desired.  Chill.

Dice 3 to 4 stalks of celery, ½ cup chopped scallions, ¼ cup of Suan’s® Scotch Bonnet Pepper Relish.

Make this your own house specialty by adding all or any combination of:  ½ cup chopped red or green grapes, ½ cup chopped walnuts or pecans halves, ½ cup raisins or dried cranberries.

Dress with equal parts sour cream and mayonnaise, mixed with ¼ teaspoon of any of the following optional seasonings: curry powder, cayenne, or paprika.  Salt, pepper and a sprinkle of sugar to taste. Adjust flavorings to suit.